Posted by: Arjan Tupan | 26 December 2010

Can a Pink Ribbon have impact?

Samsung Pink Ribbon Campaign Riga

Samsung Pink Ribbon Campaign Riga

Samsung Latvia has recently run one of the biggest social media campaigns in Latvia, raising awareness for breast cancer patients. A good example of CSR in practice. Baltic CSR blog talked to Gundega Piebalga of Samsung Baltics to find out more about this campaign.

What is the reason for Samsung Latvia to choose Pink Ribbon campaign as a charity to raise money for?
Samsung has always been socially responsible company and has supported different charity projects. We have been running the Pink Ribbon campaign globally for 4 years. For the first time it was initiated in 2006 in the Netherlands to join the fight against this illness. After detailed clients opinion research we saw that Pink Ribbon initiative was the one that everyone was very passionate about and we really felt that we can make a difference in society. So the decision was made to expand this charity project to raise the awareness of this illness and gather funding for patients treatment.

In 2009 Samsung donated to Pink Ribbon charity organizations all over Europe 2 million dollars. This year we already support Pink Ribbon movement in 24 countries including Latvia.

Samsung has a lot of products that are specifically oriented towards women – like La Fleur product line with mobile phones and home appliances. With supporting Pink Ribbon movement we want to go even further and take even better care of our clients by helping them to fight such a difficult illness as breast cancer.

Can you explain shortly the campaign approach: what are the activities, which channels, and why these channels?
During this campaign we work to raise awareness in society altogether by implementing wide variety of integrated communication solutions. Also we are offering different options for everyone to get involved in campaign and show support by donation or just a moral support.

Mainly funds are being raised through sales of Samsung Monte mobile phone – 1 LVL from each phone sold is donated to campaign goal. This is common practice and also in other countries where Samsung is supporting Pink Ribbon movement we use this mechanism that some part of income from sales of a specific product is being donated to charity.

Right now you can also support campaign by making donation with phone call to charity phone line, money transfer to charity bank account or buy special campaign screensavers on site. You also can add Pink Ribbon twibbon to you Facebook or Twitter profile and Samsung will donate 0,50 LVL for each twibbon.

At the beginning of campaign there was also an option that you could buy a skin or Pink Ribbon symbol for your profile in social network site and all money from these purchases were donated to campaign.

To spread the information about campaign and raise awareness of breast cancer problems besides advertising activities we organized PR support to widen our informational coverage. During PR campaign there was organized launch event with press conference to explain campaign goals and problems that are addressed during it. After the launch event the interviews in radio and printed press with representatives from breast cancer charity foundation Dzīvības koks were initiated to deliver a more detailed explanation about existing problems and ways how anyone can help patients.

Probably the most visible activity was Pink Ribbon light projection on one of the highest buildings in Riga. As a result – projection was seen all over the city which perfectly helped to raise awareness and make people talk about this symbol, then problem and most importantly – ways to help.

Other untraditional activities included Pink Ribbon branding in popular wardrobe stores (particularly fitting-rooms), branding in most popular cinemas and donation stands in shopping malls. All these activities helped us reach people effectively in different ways and circumstances as well as make them participate directly by donating for the project.

Traditional media channels included OOH, online and print. Online solutions helped us make traffic to the campaign site which helped people find out more information on our campaign, ways to help and Samsung involvement in this issue.

What is the goal of the Samsung campaign in terms of raising awareness and funds and how do you measure that?
Our support for breast cancer charities is a key element of our European CSR programme which we are developing further for 2011. Our mission is to make as many women as possible aware about breast cancer and its rehabilitation possibilities.

It is hard to name exact amount of funds that should be raised – we do our best to raise as much as possible because in Latvia there are many patients that need help and there is still so much to be done especially in rehabilitation stage of this illness. There is need not only for educating doctors and patients but also for rehabilitation centre where patients could turn for help – that requires serious amount of funding.

All funds that are donated through previously mentioned donation channels are transferred to charity account so that we could see the total amount of donated money. Sum of donated money is also regularly updated on our website

What is the business logic behind the campaign in terms of reputation improvement, sales increase etc and how is that measured?
Samsung has set its global goal to be not only the biggest and most innovative consumer electronics producer but also be a responsible global citizen to help each local society where Samsung business is located. Of course improvement of sales is among our goals that’s why these campaigns are always connected with some of our products. Such practice has proven to be very effective in raising necessary funds, because with increasing sales amount also the amount of donated money increases. Also it makes it easier for people to understand and get involved rather than necessity to make money transaction, seek for donation boxes or make some calls to charity phone line.

We believe that increase in reputation is just a byproduct of such activities. We always work hard to take care of our clients because they are the main reason why we make new products and innovations – to make their life easier. Such charity campaigns are a great way to help them in more ways than we could do with offering them new products.

By getting more than 6500 supporters the twibbon campaign organized by Samsung within Pink Ribbon charity project Life must go on! can be considered as the most successful twibbon campaign ever made in Latvia.

Within this campaign Samsung asked everyone to show their support to breast cancer patients by putting Pink Ribbon twibbon on their Facebook or Twitter profiles. By doing so people could actually get involved in this charity campaign and help to rise funds for breast cancer rehabilitation because Samsung is going to donate 0,5 lats for each twibbon campaign supporter. Right now this campaign has more than 6600 supporters and that results in donation of at least 3300 lats to project cause.

Also, in Latvia Monte mobile phone sales have increased by 20% in November in comparison to October, when we started our campaign.

What are you learning from the campaign what you would do different/better next time?
The main thing that we learn from this campaign is the fact that we have scratched only the surface of problems which breast cancer patients must face every day. There are so many aspects that can be improved in Latvia to make patients life easier that such initiatives to help these people should be organized on regular basis not only during some campaigns.

Work that has been started definitely should be continued in Latvia to provide the best possible input from our side to improve situation with rehabilitation of breast cancer patients.


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