Posted by: Dace Kavasa | 25 May 2011

2013 will be “Sustainability tipping point” – are you on-board?

An interesting research has come out predicting that current activities of companies and history of last 4 years will lead to “tipping point” for sustainability business market.  The increased activity is registered not only in the sustainability assurance & reporting field, but also in risk management (particularly environmental risks) and most important – sustainable innovations.

Increasing evidence of compared pre-crisis and crisis performance of companies also indicates that sustainability practices are not only “ethical” moves, but a good way to increase competitive advantage.

As the authors of the article (link below) point out “The analyst firm said that the global recession killed the idea of sustainable business spending as an ethical imperative to simply stop climate change. Instead, boards are increasingly in tune with the idea that global economic growth increases natural resource costs and causes risky environmental impacts, changing the source of competitive advantage.”

The trends are moving to new forms of business and taking different approach to look at competitive advantage – are you and your company moving the same way?

Read more on and for more details contact authors of the research and register for a free webinar on


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