Posted by: Dace Kavasa | 5 August 2011

Social business – charity or business?

Just returned from Latvian art directors club ( lecture on social business by Hanz Reitz. Interesting 2 hours, of which the “temperature” in the room was taken by the question/answer session, that also reflected our groups key questions on what is social business? do people working for it earn money or? how is profit redistributed? can we trust…? or isn’t it that the social business by creating more opportunities is also continuing to create the consumption and increase of population  – resulting in more trouble for the planet?

Well, key conclusions – for models of social enterprise – can look up various companies. Since Hans is a co creator of  Grameen Creative Lab there were many examples from the Grameen companies – all following 7 principles resulting in fun, purposeful and enjoyable work, and also profits being re-distributed for creation of more “good”.

The discussion came to an interesting conclusion – we can not blame the growth of population for our misfortunes. Planet can probably sustain as many as we reproduce… but only if we change our thinking, philosophy of business from “profit as the key goal” to “creating value” as the key goal – where of course, profit comes handy… whether for re-investing as in social business, or for own benefit in dividends as in conventional business.


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