Dace KavasaDace Kavasa
CSR & Diveristy consultant
“To me corporate social responsibility is all about opportunities for innovation and more efficient & sustainable business. CSR principles can be used to manage immediate risks, develop long term business strategies and create environment for innovation. I assist companies to use these principles in a way that best addresses their needs and support the organisations through the change process.”
Dace has worked with human rights and diversity consulting and project management in Europe and Asia and is now based in Latvia as freelance consultant and visiting lecturer on Business and Human Rights at the Riga Graduate School of Law.

Contact Dace at dace_kavasa[at] (in Latvian, English, Russian, Swedish, Danish or Spanish)

Arjan TupanArjan Tupan
CSR Strategic Adviser
Arjan is founder and strategic consultant at Who walks the Dog, and specializes in finding the business benefit of being a responsible corporate citizen. Cost reduction, top-line growth, and with all that, the personal benefit of taking care of the society and environment we operate and live in.
You can contact Arjan at arjan [at] whowalksthedog [dot] com.


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